Old doors can often be upgraded to fire doors and approved by the local council. Fire doors, for example, are a prerequisite when converting loft spaces. We supply the products you need to upgrade existing doors to a fire rated standard. Included in our service is a Certificate of Supply, with references to relevant tests. The Certificate of Supply will state the door’s new fire status.

Compared to fitting new doors it is usually more affordable to upgrade to fire doors. It could cost you as little as £15 per door. Our fire protective paints come in white or a clear varnish, they are water based and easy to apply. You can use your own topcoat or purchase this through us.

Depending on the door you might need other products than paint. If your door panels are thinner than 12 mm we can supply intumescent card to upgrade the doors. Please note that the card needs either a solvent-based topcoat, or a solvent-based undercoat.

We can also supply smoke and fire seals for doors.

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FAQ – Upgrading a door?

Most often, not. The fire protective – intumescent – paint comes in white or as a clear varnish. Even if your doors are stripped you can have invisible fire protection, if no part of the door is thinner than 12 mm. As every door is unique, ring us and we will tell you exactly what you need!

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